Wangari Joyce Ngugi


07 Jul, 2023

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< ...

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02 Mar, 2021

Follow this link to join my group:

The Mental Project and Forum of Afrikan Psychology-Kenya Chapter

March 2021 Challenge-Our Tongues  ...

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05 Mar, 2021

Welcome to the group HUMOR FOR RESILIENCE. Please adhere to these group rules:-

1. NO Not Safe For Work (NSFW) materials

2. NO LINKS, social Events except those on Humor for Resilience pri ...

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26 Feb, 2021


How I wish I could see myself from your point of view;

I made up the verdict of the whole case in my head;

Finding the right balance was like finding a needle in a haystack;

I was sucked dry and too stuck to leave.

Contented with ...

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26 Feb, 2021

Aborted COVID-19 Death

If COVID-19 were a baby,

Its death would be aborted,

The Coronavirus keeps replicating,

With mutations aborting lives daily.

Like the World War,

One death a day,

A few microns in size but raging a global respirator ...

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26 Feb, 2021


I am aghast at how to proceed

The journal you began is midway

I need to be at peace

This decision keeps you not at bay

What good will that paperwork do?

If you will not be there when it's published?

Contrasted with that di ...

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17 Dec, 2020

Owing to the public demand after two full WhatsApp groups with 514 members total, we have a special end of year gift for you!

You may now join the Telegram group, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, MHPSS Opportunities, which can take upto 200,000 members, for career development ses ...

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