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Troublesome Times

26 Feb, 2021

By Wangari

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How I wish I could see myself from your point of view;

I made up the verdict of the whole case in my head;

Finding the right balance was like finding a needle in a haystack;

I was sucked dry and too stuck to leave.

Contented with the eloquence of my view;

I was shocked with what I was fed;

By passersby who wanted me stuck;

And didn't care to ask if I preferred to die or live.

The pain of emptiness is real

When you left I was desolate

I kept thinking we will meet

Rona times postponed our chances to elope

We could not create a lift

Our moods were down so low

The caresses disappeared in a drift

Our smiles hid the grief down below

Funny you came and went

Unrequited love

Disenfranchised, my heart is bent

As your gentle soul flies above as a dove

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