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Our Tongues

02 Mar, 2021

By Wangari

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Follow this link to join my group:

The Mental Project and Forum of Afrikan Psychology-Kenya Chapter

March 2021 Challenge-Our Tongues Afrikan Language Celebration Month

1. State your name and list all languages you use in order of fluency from highest to lowest.

2. Inform us the name of your mother tongue language, post your original single phrase/sentence using any interactive media such as audio, picture, video or text and inform us whether it is an idiom, proverb, riddle, or joke, etc. Ask the rest of our members to interpret it. You may give us hints. Feel free to invite members of your community to join the group.

3. With your permission, we will create an archive of an auto-ethnographic  research study for The Mental Project in partnership with Forum of Afrikan Psychology, Kenyan chapter.

? We highly encourage all to participate at least once as we only have 28 days for this challenge.

? You may guess the answer even if you don't understand a language, as the one asking can give further hints.

?Any suggestions to improve the activity are highly welcomed.

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