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Mapping and registration of Counsellors and Psychologists by KHPOA

10 Jun, 2021 at 11:59pm

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MAPPING AND REGISTRATION OF COUNSELLORS AND PSYCHOLOGISTS BY KHPOA towards the Establishment of the Counselors and Psychologists Board

Please move with speed to fill this form by KENYA HEALTH PROFESSIONS OVERSIGHT AUTHORITY (KHPOA) to be considered as a registered individual professional Psychologist or Counselor in Kenya by latest Thursday 10th June 2021, so the Steering Committee may compile ahead of the government deadline of Tuesday 15th June 2021.


Congratulations Counselors and Psychologists for joining the wave to be officially recognized by becoming registered in Kenya.

By the deadline of Thursday 10th June 2021, we all need to comply with the government KHPOA DIRECTIVE in collaboratively creating a definitive list to be vetted for inclusion in the national BOARD ESTABLISHMENT PROCEDURE as the register of COUNSELLORS AND PSYCHOLOGISTS IN KENYA. Will you spread the word? Saidia those offline na hadi bundles, hii maisha ni harambee.

Follow these four easy steps:-

Step 1: Scan all your hardcopy training certificates from Diploma and above, including those of your facility or training institution(s), if you haven't already.

Step 2: Open the individual form, facility form or/and training form on the links shared, as you see necessary, and you may add bookmark on your browser for ease of locating each.

Step 3: Type into the forms as truthfully as you can, and ensure your email address is active, so you may check its inbox for a confirmation email afterwards.

Step 4: Once you have typed in all your details and uploaded your certificates, click submit.

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