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Fundraising Masterclass In person training on 29th July 2023

29 Jul, 2023 at 07:00am

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The highly interactive and practical training aims to infuse fundraising and sustainable resource mobilization knowledge, skills and attitudes. It will utilize adult learning techniques and practical project-based methodology. The proposed training schedule/course outline is as follows:

-Introductions, group norms and housekeeping

-Participants' expectations: Individual reflection scale and paired sharing

-Fundraising fundamentals

-Fundraising strategies

-Fundraising tools

-Designing and pitching a winning funding grant proposal

-Sustainable resource mobilization

-Feedback and discussion on participants' group/paired exercises

-Summary and way forward

-Certificates award ceremony

The Fundraising Masterclass has two modalities: 

1) In-person / physical training this coming Saturday on 29th July 2023


2) We just completed a highly successful online training via Zoom from Monday 26th to Friday 30th June 2023, 7:00pm to 9:00pm EAT (Nairobi, GMT+3) and the participants who attended the 10-hour training earned a Certificate of Participation alongside a host of resources. They provided amazing testimonials of getting reinvigorated in their fundraising bid. 


The moderator, Dr. Wangari, PsyD, a Consultant Psychologist and Research Mentor with over 17 years' experience. She is the founder of Gwira Foundation, which provides mentorship and training in fundraising, project management, career coaching, data analysis, mixed research methodology, writing and psychometric assessments, among other topics. She has worked as the Lead Research Mentor, with a Certificate in Research Mentorship, at Eider Africa. She is a Research Mentor and recently promoted to Research Steward, with certifications under AuthorAID, UK, and also consults as a Trainer in TCC-Africa and Strategia Netherlands. Additionally, she has certificates in Clinical Ethics and Bioethics from CK-BTI at KEMRI, Kenya, among others.


Gwira Foundation has undertaken a series of training tracks in the fields of Research and Psychology, all based on participants' requests. So far this year, we have hosted a global pool of participants in online research training under various topics each month:

January: Research planning

January: Research Methods Open training under Strategia Netherlands, see
February: Research topic formulation

March: Crafting your research problem
March: Quantitative Analysis with SPSS Practical 10-hour training

March: Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Open training under Strategia Netherlands, see

April: Data analysis and the need for SPSS competency: The functions of statistics in social research

April & June: Data Analysis and Reporting Open training under Strategia Netherlands,


In the coming months, we will host full-day online training sessions on:

1) Project Management and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) on 19th August

2) Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers on 2nd September 


You may register for the training by inboxing Dr Wangari via WhatsApp text +254 717 736524 and suggest any other topics. All training sessions are available upon request on an individual or group basis and online, physical or hybrid modality as agreed.


We are endorsed by major accreditation bodies for the delivery of timely Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training. Our numerous participants' testimonials are powerful evidence of the impact of our work.

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